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Colouring For Adults

Colouring was once defined as the democratization of art. Many educators concluded that students, regardless of background, could benefit from art education. This would in turn, enhance their conceptual understanding of the tangible and further develop one’s cognitive ability to observe, enlighten and inspire perspective. Thus, we transcend to today. As a restauranteur, I have learned that colouring knows no age.

What is a colouring book? Line art to which colour may be IMG_8350added. Numerous examples are individual, a single image that begs for decoration, others tell a story and are part of a series that facilitates personal beautification. More recently, many childrens’ colouring books feature affectionate cartoon characters that are used to promote popular animated motion pictures and the imaginary cast of players that we grow to feel a familiar and binding connection toward. The story has already been told … These renderings are a reminder. You don’t really need to remember the picture, you just need to add colour. Ultimately, the difference between drawing and colouring, something that most of us learn at a very young age. And yet, the two go hand in hand. IMG_8357

Indulge me for a moment and revisit a time held nostalgic to me … Childhood during the 1970’s. There was no Pinterest or apps on breathing computer screens to awaken our imaginations … Just story books and television programs and all of the images surrounding our tiny worlds. Awe inspiring architectural structures, organic tattoo designs and interactive colour schemes were premature notions in our minds.

Just to reminisce … I have listed a few of my personal favourite relations with colour:

I could continue and I welcome your memories … Tell me about your childhood colouring crafts.

I like the concept of adults colouring. No, I’m not thinking of those risqué, torrid cartoons that can be interpreted several different ways. I’m speaking of the natural process of pulling out the coloured pencils, pastels, markers, chalk or paints and perhaps creating the images yourself … Incorporate your drawing from simple observation or even a photograph and colour away! Then it is truly your art work and relaxation piece. Happy colouring!

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  1. Lori Nason says:

    Hey Marilyn, You should have a colouring and munchie/wine evening event…first one to colour outside the line gets cut off! 🙂 There is not much mess and maybe you could get a early child development teacher or someone to tote the benefits of adult colouring. Just a thought. We have that Painting program here in Halifax at some of the local bars, its seems popular right now.


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