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Hockey Heritage fundraiser focuses on family fun

Cocoa Pesto Bistro owner Scott Geddes has teamed up with the Hockey Heritage Society (HHS) to host a fundraiser that will be sure to spice up this year’s Winter Carnival.

Nova News Now, Feb 3 2008

Luncheon for Literacy

The Hants Learning Network and Woodshire Inn/Cocoa Pesto are partnering to offer a Luncheon for Literacy

Hants Journal, June 8 2008

Business booming for Windsor’s Woodshire Inn

Being the enthusiastic entrepreneur that he is, it seems only right to Scott Geddes that a building the size of his Woodshire Inn in Windsor be used to its fullest potential.

Hants Journal, Jan 13 2011

Christmas Angels campaign launches, sou’wester hat ‘kidnapped’

Honorary Christmas Angels chairperson Scott Geddes, owner of Cocoa Pesto, gets into character as kidnapper of the beloved sou’wester hat

Hants Journal, Nov 18 2014

Party with a Purpose Gala

The Hants Community Hospital Auxiliary’s Party with a Purpose Gala was held at the Cocoa Pesto Bistro on Oct. 1.

Hants Journal, Oct 6 2009

Hants Community Hospital benefits from fundraising

Dr. Alison Kelland knows first-hand how helpful a small group of volunteer fundraisers can be to a rural hospital.

Chronicle Herald, Oct 9 2012

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